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    1st hang not so good, need advice

    Well I just got my whole cinch buckle setup in. I was able to sew the "box-x" loops for the straps and so I went out side to hook it up.

    My problem is that I couldn't quite figure out how to tie a bowline after wrapping the spectra from my HH around the cinch buckle so I just did some improvised knots that I thought would hold. Well after a few hangs I got out to see the nylon sheath on my HH spectra had broken in half on one side. The spectra core was still holding fine though.

    So now I ask you...what do I do? I'm thinking of just getting some Sypderline 2.8 and replacing that whole side of the chord and doing a prussik knot this time. But that means opening up the side of my HH and re-whipping it which I don't really wanna do. But I guess it doesn't matter.

    My other problem is that I"m planning a trip with a friend who lives out of state for this Saturday so I'm thinkin of just using it as is with the spectra core exposed since our trip will only be 1 night. What do you think?

    On the other side, besides for regretting not going with webbing that's 10' per side (went with 6' instead) I really really like the cinch buckle and polyester webbing setup. It doesn't stretch hardly at all and is way way faster.

    Ok so bring on the advice.

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    Re-tieing a Hennessey isn't that hard, cut the zip-tie off, un-tie old cord, re-tie new cord, done; takes about 5 minutes. Just make sure you get the ridgeline re-strung, but it's easy.

    However, I think you will be okay for one night with just the core.
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    Have your hammock at your computer and follow these easy guidlines.
    6' of webbbing is very short. I'd go with 12' per side.
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