I have a turquoise/blue Ticket to the Moon single hammock and a DIY suspension consisting of ropes (no whoopies - couldn't find the right rope for whoopies) and tree huggers that I would like to get rid of asap.

I know this is pretty unlikely, but I'm travelling in New Zealand and cannot really send parcels (there would be no return address in case something goes wrong), therefore it would be fantastic if there are Kiwis who would be interested. I'm currently in the Picton area for some hiking, but will make my way over to the North Island and Auckland soon.

The hammock hasn't been used a lot, just for a couple of afternoon naps. South Island's nights were to cold for sleeping in a hammock without insulation. The hammock is basically as new. I spent around 90 NZD on the whole system and put in some time. I'd be happy to sell it on for 50 NZD.

I also have a Hennessy diamond tarp plus stuff sack (but no hammock) that I'd sell for 30 NZD.