I'm going to be looking for a tarp for my first hammock, I will be going with either an Eno DoubleNest or the TrekLight version. Last week, I ordered an Oware 8x10 tarp (9.5' actual ridgeline) because I figured I'd be doing ground camping again this year. It's a flat rectangle style with about 12 tie-outs. However, it may be too small for ideal use in bad weather. It hasn't shipped yet, I could likely cancel the order, but I really hate doing that to good people like Dave @ Oware. I'd likely sell it once I received it.

I am now looking at either the new JRB 11' x 10' or a MacCat Deluxe. I am sure either one would work well, this is why it's a tough decision to make. However, JRB has always done very well by me in the past and I do like giving them my business when I can.

- JT