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    NX-250 Test Hang

    *If I had a hammock, I hammocked in the morning...*

    Finally I picked up my hammock (NX-250, Vertex Tarp & Z-Liner) from the customs in germany. I had to pay 19% VAT and 15% customs duty!

    Today I managed a small test hang at 4.0 C. With my winter sleeping bag it was very comfortable. I almost fell asleep after 15 minutes of hanging. What did I learn:

    - Very comfy, not very spacious.
    - A pillow (stuff sack) under the knees will give additional comfort.
    - Sleeping on my side is possible and good.
    - I need a marker on my tarp, which side is head.
    - I will switch to whoopie slings soon, but in this hang the trees stood to close together for a whoopie setup.
    - Lines from the tarp can be attached to my tent pegs without knots.

    At the end I tied up the whole combination of hammock, underquilt (z-liner) AND sleeping back with a rope and stuffed it in one waterproof bag (it can stand on wet ground and stay dry inside) This bag doesn't compress very much and I can keep it ready to go in the trunk of my car - really fast to set up and keeps the insulation in good shape.

    Happy hammockface included


    *I can't get no (right suspension)*
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