Hi All,
I have recently gotten my hands on an OES Deluxe Tarp. I love it!! But I have a few questions/concerns....
I'm using masons line for my tarp guylines. I have found that the lines tangle TERRIBLY when I stuff the tarp back into its stuff sack. I am curious how you folks manage your lines.... How do you hank the cordage so its easy to put away, but easy to retrieve without all the nasty tangles.

What do you do to tie off to the trees? Do you run one long ridgeline and then use prussiks to adjust the tarp? If you do, how much line to do carry for the ridgeline? How do you attach the prussiks to the tarp?

Also, I currently have LineLocs on my lines, but I wonder if there is a simpler way to create a locking knot. (I have tried the taught line hitch. It slips too easily, but maybe someone has a better way to do it. I might be doing it wrong.

I know its a lot of questions, but I am very curious how more experienced hangers do it. I want my system to be lightweight, simple and reliable.

Thanks in advance.