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    While I can buy the idea that someone would knock off these products and I wouldn't want to be worried about it while hanging on the side of an endless fall, these kinds of warnings always sound like propaganda designed to drive the price up among retailers competing against a couple places that are under pricing them.

    I've seen warnings on the sides of over priced shampoo bottles claiming the product might not be real if its not from an authorized retailer. Oh bull. They just need a justification for charging too much at some fancy pants salon when someone is selling the over priced snake oil for less on Ebay.

    Be safe, be sure, but also, be realistic. Until I see unfortunate reports of climbers falling from fake gear I'm inclined to take this warning with a huge grain of salt. To be sure if I noticed one of my anchors I found on sale looked different from the others I'd replace it after reading this, but I really doubt this is what it appears to be.

    Why does it seem 98% of the news these days is corporate sponsored talking heads telling us what we need to be afraid of.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Rain Man View Post
    I assume by "stay domestic" you don't mean "Made in USA," because that claim can be "forged" even easier than the product itself. One hardly knows what to do anymore, but price is a great indicator of quality and being genuine.

    Rain Man

    The world almost seems to be made in China counselor. I mean cottage industries. For the most part I do mean "Made in USA"...with the cottage industry proviso when possible (Read: WHEN POSSIBLE). The rest of the time it is "Caveat emptor" being somewhat familiar with criminal activity (like counterfeiting) and all.

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