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    Quote Originally Posted by Aramis View Post
    Does anyone know how much weight 3/4" grosgrain can take? I was wondering about how much load a seam on a bugnet would take if it was fixed at each end of the hammock like a ridgeline, or whether it would need a ridgeline as well.

    While we're on the subject, would 3/4" grosgrain be strong enough for tarp tie outs or would 1/2" webbing be better?
    when i bought a tarp from ray way products a couple years ago, it came w/ grosgrain for all the tie-outs.
    i don`t know what the actual rating is but i`ve had no problems.
    i used it for all the tie-outs on the new tarp i recently made. pretty strong stuff.
    i just don`t know what it`s limitations mite be in really high winds.
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    The Mud is clear now. I have been thinking much along the same lines as you describe. Not quite sure if I want a permanent attachment yet; I am also playing with the Crazy Creek buckles, and managed to pull the straps so tight that I had to cut my ridgeline to get enough slack to release the buckles. Marking the line or using a knot that can be released even when under stress will probably be a stopgap solution for now. I'm thinking that I will try the thin spectra and see if it really holds. Or, I could just use a double run of it if I chicken out.
    By the way, Speer apparently doesn't use the sliding knot any more. Mine has d-rings sewn onto the straps with a bit of shockcord and a plastic hook for the bug line. It uses the same spectra cord, though.

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