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    Sounds like a blast. If wasn't on the wrong coast I'd be there.
    I'm up for some patch trading. (O/A,council....)
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    I'm a current Venturer (different council), so I guess I can help out without the need for background checks.

    I'm pretty sure I'm available that weekend, and I should have a DIY hammock and Climashield/IX UQ to show off. Just PM me all the info you can (to please the parentals).
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    Hey Guys,
    sorry for going missing in action. work has been getting the better part of me here lately.

    I have talked with Mbaker about what we need to do to be at the event. He didnt seemed to concerned since we would be there for just the day (like all the other vendors) if anyone needs to camp (hammock is set up so why not, right?) that would be done away from the other troops and again until he tells me otherwise we should be fine.

    As for the comment about scouts and signing some sort of contract. I am not sure where that comes from. I have been involved with the organization for eight years and all they ask is for the boys safety to be thought of first. We live in a very different world from the one most of us grew up in. So any paperwork is really to make sure of their well being. I am involved because it really helps parents reinforce good values into their boys, not to mention they promise to do their best, and to do their duty to god and country each week when they meet. Not to mention the ones that are really active pick up a ton of good life skills along the way. Sorry for the the rant.

    Lets try and organize this way,
    Shoot me a PM if you can Make it so i can get Mike a head count. They will be providing lunch for us and need to know ahead of time. If you cant make it but have materials that you would like shown off and displayed again shoot me a PM so I know and we can coordinate how to get it hear and get it back to you.

    Those that are getting involved, i cant thank you enough. I think the skills on this forum will be greatly recieved, as most of the boys on do on camp outs what they see in their troop. I expect many eyes will open up wide.

    Thanks for the help,

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