Short notice but I just found out I had a few days of vacation to use or lose. Rayn and I are going to go to the BSF on Friday 25th - Monday 28th. This will be a leisurely walk in the wooks that will be more about getting away than big miles. If anyone wants to join in for one or more days just let me know. I can plan the hike to allow anyone that may want to just come for Saturday night to have a short hike in. We will probably do a part of Laurel Fork creek trail and can tie this into the Twin Arches and/or Charit Creek area.

We plan on getting on trail around 12 on Friday and coming out Monday morning so that Rayn can get back for work. I have all week off so I am open to more days in the woods.

Info on the Big South Fork in link below. If anyone wants to meet on Saturday night it will probably be somewhere on the Twin Arch Loop on Map #4. There are several trails of different lengths coming into this area, lots of water, and plenty of trees

Counting the days to some hang time .......