My new BB. The anticipation was immense as I rushed home. This is my first ever, and I need to take my time. Although the setting was not exotic, the basement was the only place we could be. As I bared it's silkiness, I only had two floor support posts to secure it's webbing to, about 15 feet apart. It was hesitant, as was I, since it was our first encounter. It started out well, the foreplay of hooking the caribiners into the webbing loops, then securing it to the posts. It started to look strange though, maybe too high, not the right angle, were the posts too close? The ridgeline looked indifferent, almost disapointed at what I had done to it! I made adjustments and then the ridgeline perked up so I thought it was time. I gingerly made my way to it's side and carefully, gently pulled back the netting and lowered myself into a position where I could enter it's cocoon, all the while being mindfull of not wanting to damage or break it. Then I was in, a nice diagonal position but the feeling was not immediate satisfaction. I stopped and went to seek some assistance. The videos helped...and I made some adjustments and continued to enter it over and over after trying to fine tune my technique. I was happy, but not satisfied.
Tonight we will try again, perhaps a new setting...the garage might help, or adding some spicy new hooks secured to the 2x4's to give a longer hang may be the answer. We'll get it right. I understand it will take some trial and error as I get a better understanding of it's distinct personality and shape and it is so very pleasureable going through the discovery period.