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    DIY Cotton Hammock Sock

    After seeing MacEntyre's canvas hammock sock at the MN hang, and getting close enough to get pics, I decide to try my hand at one.

    Mac had said it was kind of like a dory boat so I went looking for stuff on boat building sites.

    Basically I wanted the bottom and side dimensions for the boat. After scaling to fit what I thought would work, about 10 foot long at top and keel length about 6 foot.

    Then I started cutting Tyvek for a pattern. I cut a lot before I got what I thought would work and then sewed the Tyvek together. Clipped it on the hammock, with a lot of down on the outside, and then threw another piece of Tyvek over the ridgeline. I then used a marker and outlined where the sides of the bottom would meet the overcover, cut it out and used a stapler to join the parts.

    After I was satisfied I would not ruin to much fabric I took the pattern apart and laid out and cut the fabric. Sewed all day on it today, finally trimmed it and added the pockets to the flap.

    In the fading light I took some quick photos.

    I think it turned out pretty good

    Don't be fooled though, There is a WHOLE LOT of work in this.
    I probably have well over 40 hours in this one, including pattern time.
    I enjoy the DIY thing, so time is not a real issue for me.
    The next one would be faster since I now have a clue how to do it.

    At the price Mac is charging for this It is a bargain.

    If it is cold enough this weekend I will give it a test

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