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    DIY Underquilt Tutorial

    Hi could someone please point me in the direction of a good tutorial for making my own underquilt from a sleeping bag?

    Also has anyone any tips on a choice of sleeping bag to cover most 3 season UK conditions?


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    I captured a video as I was making mine out of a basic Walmart Ozark bag.

    I stuck with the basic rectangle shape because my lay is really flat.

    Also, check out JustJeff's instructions:

    I hope this helps.

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    Thanks Kayt great video, iv got a few questions for ya :P

    I dont have a serger, do you think i could just turn the cut edges of the fabric in and do a couple of lines of straight stitches along it instead?

    Also I intend on sewing webbing loops at intervals along the length of the body instead of the grosgrain channel to keep cost and weight down, do you think this would work ok?

    And one final Q, i have asym tie out points, do you think i should sew on attachement loops for the quilt to attach to the tie out points to stop it slipping under the pegged out areas?

    Any help greatly apprecitated!


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    Here´s a link on how to make a underquilt from a sleeping bag without destroying the sleeping bag. I think it works great, have made 2 of those that I use during winter. It´s nice that they are still usable as sleeping bags.
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    thats def an option to be considered! esp if i have to buy a decent bag for the project! have you done this?

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