Many thanks first off for several of your posts, threads, shared experiences, and videos. I have almost completed my first two hammocks with 1.1 and 1.5 oz ripstop from my new friend Scott @ BWDD.

The first hammock is a simple gathered-end hammock in which I hemmed all the sides, and added a channel to each end. This was my trial run with some Joanne's Fabric 1.9oz ripstop (with coupon). Simplistic in nature, I ran some paracord through the channel and wrapped the end with a 5 or 6 turns, with bight at one end, I tightened as hard as I could... still seems loose. I have read someone pulled the twine (?) from inside the paracord, and used the shell... may have to try that. Any feedback on a gathered-end channel tie off?

The second hammock is based on the sticky Hennessey asym hammock - made with 1.5oz from BWDD. Definitely like the feel of the fabric. However, I have few questions -
  • Asym - Even though I measured 14" not 13" from center, the diagonal pocket seems very small and doesn't seem to provide a purpose . What is the benefits with this design, or is my layout just off?
  • Similar to the first hammock above, I used paracord to wrap the end (without adding a channel) - I used the folded W approached. Wasn't tight enough to my liking, so I used a zip-tie and not really comfortable with my larks head pushing on this... comments?
  • Zipppers - Oh boy do I have questions... I figure I need at least 7 yards of #3 or #5 coil zipper for this hammock, and my next one (WBBB DIY). Are the zippers easy to cut, apply the ends, and snap the two-way zipper on?

Right now until my Amsteel comes in (thanks Opie), I am using paracord with two steel rings, and a webbing from Scott as well. I have wrapped the paracord twice around the steel rings, before tieing together with a double fisherman's knot. Am I crazy in using paracord until the Amsteel comes in for a 200# person?

Many thanks for reading this post - you guys are great. I am looking forward to seeing if there are any hangs in Utah, or I might have to give Paul a visit in Idaho at the second annual.