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    maccat micro and rain

    I have just finished my testing.
    Yesterday it was raining and I had no school so I decided to go out and try my maccat micro. There was supped to be 3inches of rain and wind up to 40mph

    When I got out it was pouring rain, I set up the tarp as low to ground as I could. I set up my hammock. I was very happy with the continues ridge line I put on it. It helped allot for making sure the tarp was over the hammock

    I then watched ‘batman begins’ on my iPod.
    Over two hours later there was not a drop of water on me or my hammock. The forecast called for 40mph I don’t think it got any were near that that kind of wind speed.

    I have concluded that the maccat micro is a sufficient tarp for 3 seasons in Irish weather. But if there was going to be a lot of wind driven rain then I would go with a tarp with more coverage. I took a video of the inside of my tarp after I had watched the movie. My only regret was that I could not spend the night in my hammock as I had school the next day.

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    You guys are going to get me in trouble.....

    I have been drooling over the MacCat Micro for a few weeks...If I buy anything else for this hammock my wife is going to have a fit!

    Its threads like this that threaten to get me into more trouble!!

    But thanks for reassuring my that this tarp will be sufficient for my hammocking needs.
    Just another Ham in a Hammock....

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