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    Converting a Clark to Whoopies (metric)

    I thought I'd share my little conversion project with you. I know it had been done a thousand times already, but the way I did it is perhaps the easiest way.

    If you have the right tool.

    Amsteel is not very common in Europe, I used 4mm Liros D-Pro (Picture #1). It is Dyneema SK75 as well (rated at 1.250 daN) and it's graphite color looks more pleasing to me.

    The length I used is 5m, resulting in a usable length from 0,3m to 2,2m.

    The splicing tool (see #2) was bought as a set of four needles, good for splicing ropes from 3 to 10mm. It is very easy to use: You just insert the rope and a small hook inside the needles shaft stops the rope from slipping out. (see #3)

    1. The first splice was done as shown in #4 to #6, no extra sewing is needed. The splice itself is 16cm long (equaling 40 times the rope diameter), for the loop I added 10cm. After 26cm rope length I inserted the short end through the rope. Needle removed and applied to the long end. Insert the long end through the short end, a few mm behind the first crossing (see #4). Pull tight. Apply needle again on the short end and work it into the long end (see #5). Ready in #6. According to the manufacturer the splice has 60% of the ropes rating: 1.250 x 60% = 750daN remaining.

    2. From the end of the splice (you can feel it) measure 17cm and insert the needle in the rope. Pull the long end of the rope 16cm through the rope and exit just before the first splice.

    3. To prevent the rope from fraying I added a backsplice. Insert the needle after 5cm and work it through the rope. Before the last part vanishes in the rope insert the loose end into it and pull it carefully inside the rope (see #8). This is easier if you make a longer splice.

    Whoopie is ready!

    4. Untie the knots on your hammock (bowlines) without removing the original rope. Twist the rope open and stick the small loop from your whoopie through it (see #9). Work it through the hammock. Remove original rope. Pull the whoopie sling through the small loop (see #10).


    Don't be afraid, this is very easy to do. Propably easier than I described it here. Me no good english language. If you are prepared it takes less than five minutes for each rope.


    P.S.: You'll never guess how much I spent on my camera equipment. And still I always make pictures with my phone.
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