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    Hanging Two Miles above Sealevel

    Trip Report Kenosha Pass, Colorado.
    Feb. 13th –15th 2011

    I scouted Kenosha Pass a week or two ago to see if it would be a good place to hike.
    I was not let down. The place is more spectacular than I could have imagined.
    Spent 3 day 2 night in daytime temps ~42F and nighttime temps ~25F.
    When I arrived the wind was blowing steady at ~15mph and there were gusts to 45
    according to the weather radio. I believed them.

    The first night I could only walk in about ¾ of a mile according to the GPS.
    The wind was whipping the snow around and I wasn't looking forward to putting a tarp up
    in that so I found a little hobbit tree and tucked in for the night.

    About 12:30 in the AM, I awoke to what I thought was a car full of kids whooping it up down
    at the parking lot. I was camped pretty close to where I had parked my vehicle. Once completely
    awake I realized it was a pack of coyote’s yipping and howling as they do not more than 50 feet away.
    I think they were letting me know I was in their hunting ground and they weren’t too happy about it.
    The brief visit only lasted about a minute then the woods turned silent again and I drifted back to sleep.

    The next morning the wind was gone so I put on my snowshoes and did a little exploring.
    Took lot’s of pictures, found some kind of a log bushcraft shelter that was kinda neat
    but I would not have slept in it. Still no wind so I decided to move my camp to higher ground.

    This was a great spot, with perfect hammock trees, and a view that took my breath away.

    I settled in for the night batoning the grocery store wood I had pulked in and making dinner.

    About 11:30 just as my fire and whiskey was about gone the wind picked up. Needless to say
    the OES tarp and GrizBeak got a good workout that night. The wind blew most of the night
    but I had strung the tarp tight and the tent stakes held.

    When I awoke the wind was gone, the sun was up, and it was a beautiful bluebird day.
    The late morning temp already above freezing. I fired up the Kelly Kettle for that all important
    Via in the hammock. By the middle of my second cup the plan to explore farther West was finalized.

    After a hardy breakfast of fresh eggs, bacon and cheese I checked the water in the day pack
    (Yea, not frozen) and headed west following some elk tracks I had spotted the day before.

    The tracks took me through the piney woods to a clearing with one of the most breathtaking
    views I had seen in a long time.

    My trip had peaked mentally and physically.

    The fresh air, warm sun, two great nights in the hammock all blended together into that
    one moment and life was good.

    More and larger trip pictures are located here on my facebook:

    Mods, If I have abused the group trip gallery with these photos please
    let me know and I will remove them, thanks
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