Hey folks,

since my discovery of amsteel right here on hammockforums I've found some good tutorials here, but also elsewhere.

After doing a quick search on hammockforums I found that this site has never been referenced: http://l-36.com/

It has a great tutorial on making a soft shackle (carabiner replacement) of amsteel with a diamond stopper knot and a locked brummel splice after the 'chinese finger trap', which seems like a way stronger and reliable method than the one described in a great tutorial posted here on HF which uses a double overhand knot as the stopper knot and the 'chinese finger trap' only.

Since his tests show that the soft shackle is stronger than the cord from which it is made, it might not matter much which soft shackle method of construction is better, since they will not be the weakest link of your system anyway.

So, check it out, it also has a nifty calculator so you can change the marker positions: http://l-36.com/soft_shackle_howto.php