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Hello forum,

First off i want to say that i HAVE read all of the threads on the walmart pad. I just have a few questions:

1. People say this pad is extremely uncomfortable. How bad could it be?
2. If you are an experienced hammocker, would you still use this pad and not fork out hundreds of dollars for an underquilt, even if it was a little uncomfortable?

I have heard people say the REI pad is WAY more comfortable and has the same insulating qualities as the Walmart pad. So, comfort wise, i would consider getting this instead. Thoughts? People claim the WM Pad goes down to NINE degrees with two pads. I find that amazing for the price! It's almost too good to be true. I have a Coleman Inflatable, and i don't seem to slide off of it as much, so i expect the Walmart pad to be somewhat similar. Any additional information about this pad is welcomed and appreciated. I cant get enough information about it!



A experienced hammocker would have an UQ by the time he was a "experienced hammocker"

there is a reason why ppl go right from a wallyworld blue pad to a UQ
yes a pad is a great and cheap way to get into hammocks and there is nothing wrong with a WW pad... BUT
once you try a UQ for the first time...there is just NO going back
it's like going from Reg TV to HDTV.... once you make the jump you just can't go back

Don't get me wrong...there are ppl that have used WW pads for years and are fine with it...and there is nothing wrong with this...to each there own .... but once you get that first UQ...you will know what i'm talking about