Hey, Sorry if this has been addressed, but if so I couldn't find where, so feel free to point me in the correct direction..

I've got an older model Hennessy (before the standard zipper) and I don't really have the money to have the zipper mod done.. SO I've been thinking and I think I may have a solution..

I'm going to cut the internal ridgeline.. and tie a new one outside of the bug netting.

If i need the netting I'll just use some pull out clamps like you would use on your tarp to lift it up and fix it back to the ridgeline..( sort of like a skeeter beeter) if not I'll leave the netting down and lie on top of it (or flip the hammock over and lie on the hammock with the net on the bottom..)

In my head this seems like a good idea.. I can use the pocket to hold my pad. I can relax in my hennessy like it's a regular hammock, cook out of it, be social.. and still have a bug net at short notice..

What do you guys(and ladies) think? Thanks.