Hey all,

my name is Brett and I live in San Pedro (L.A. County). I guess I will get into a little background about me first: I grew up in the South Bay (torrance/Redondo Beach) and so have grown up with the ocean. My family has, since I could remember, had a place both in Arrowhead (near Big Bear) and Mammoth. I used to always spend summers at one of these places when not at the beach. I went to college in Humboldt for a few years so as you can see I have lived my life all over California and in the outdoors as much as I could. Between finishing college and now trying to find a teaching position it's been a few years since I have been camping. Some of the other things I love to do is archery, fishing, scuba dive, and free dive.

I have two dogs one of which has anxiety issues and decided to shred my tent I had finally collected from my parents house. Reading about the hammock camping and backpacking has made me decide I would rather spend money on a hammock system instead of a tent. I have yet to get my system but right now I am a substitute teacher (sporadic work days) and saving up for an engagement ring. I was looking for an economical system and was interested in the ENO doublenest. I liked the doublenest because I am a big guy 6'4 and over 275 and for me and now it is the right price.

If you don't mind I do have a quick question after my introduction...I am a very hot sleeper. I tend to be comfortable sleeping in lounge pants without a blanket in the low 60s. When I scuba dive I go with a 5mm wetsuit when the water is in the mid to high 50s...the normal wetsuit being 7mm. I am not saying this to be macho or anything like it, just want you to understand how hot I get. I know the wind will be cold when it blows under the hammock but will it really make that much of a difference since I will have a 20 degree bag and be clothed? And yes I do understand the insulation gets crushed and losses most of ability to keep heat trapped. As a side note at the moment I am not looking at winter camping.

Thanks for the info and look forward from learning from all of you,