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    Talking Hi from souther Utah!

    Hi all!
    My name is Brandon, and I am currently living in Cedar City, Utah. I joined a couple weeks ago, and since have been fully immersed in the forums! I am a total noob hanger. I actually do not have a hammock yet, but once the semester ends... I will hopefully get into some set up.

    I am an avid diy'er, (when i try to show my wife something I've just made, she usually replies with "is this something thats gonna make me laugh and realize how big of a nerd you are?") I have made... a lot... of stoves, way too many. But I love it! I am not sure how, but somehow I stumbled over one of tinny's videos on youtube. Ever since then, I have been huge into alcohol stoves. I have made copies of a lot of the mini-bulls, own a few of his, made all of the zen stoves, plus copied a few of zelph's and hiramcook's. If i'm distracted and not paying attention to her, my wife likes to say "hi i'm tinny from minibulldesign, get out and hike, take a friend, and more important than anything, have a really great day."

    I grew up in a really small rural town in Utah called Gunnison (5 points if you know of it, 10 if you've been there), and so hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, etc. have been a huge part of my life. My family got really close by spending time together outdoors. Luckily, I married an amazing woman who has the same love for the outdoors. We LOVE hiking, and it is something we have been very passionate about. We live in probably one best places for it too! When I was younger, I was really into scouting. I attended quite a few council camps, and then staffed a Varsity high adventure/leadership course for about 7 years. This really strengthened my love for the outdoors, and got me involved in a number of other things like bushcraft and such.

    Anyways, after following tinny's videos, i noticed he subscribed to some crazy guy named Shug (Whoooo Buddy!). So after watching a few of his videos on stove reviews and unicycling through the woods, i found his hammock how to for noobs videos. I quickly found out that, yes Shug, you are actually an expert on this stuff, regardless of what you say. And two, he probably has the most entertaining videos on youtube. I watched all his videos, and really got interested in hanging. I then found Grizz's Proffesor Hammock, and watched all of his vids. Then I got thinking, where can I find out more about hammocks, what is a bridge hammock, what is this, and where is sector 7? So, i decided to check out the forums and have since been perusing them every free second i get.

    Any info you guys have on starting out would be awesome! My wife and I are both college students, so we are on a tighter budget. I really plan on making a few hammocks to use until we are graduated, then hopefully a WBBB! (Yes, i am FULLY aware of the possibility of actually spending more on a diy project than actually buying one, but there is also a possibility of saving money, if you plan it out right, and it gives me the satisfaction of making something.) Info on hanging with a significant other would be awesome too! Thank you all for such amazing ideas that i have already come across and all the help! I'm really looking forward to being a part of this group and learning from everyone, and hopefully some day, helping others learn.


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    You're wife sounds like one awesome chick! Welcome to HF!


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    welcome and howdy from high point nc

    CLICK HERE to add your name to the world wide H F member location list. And Thank You!


    " just jump in where you can and hang on!" - briscoe darling

    ___WildernessLogics ROCKS !____

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    Welcome to HF. Hopefully your DIY project list is currently under control. After a couple weeks around this crew it will not be.
    "I'm a connoisseur of BACON." - Anyways - 6/9/13

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    Welcome from a fellow Utah hammock hanger.
    I get 15 points..... I know of Gunnison & have been there.
    The folks on HF are super nice and are a wealth of information on hammock camping.

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