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Thank you for sharing the beauty.
Well thanks for watching ... it is an amazing place

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Nice job on the video. I'd like to do that trek some day. What kind of time did you spend doing that day hike?
BTW, you're moving a lot better than last time I hiked w/ you Hawkeye. Good to see
Thanks Tim ... definitely a winter hike ... but we'd love to take you through there sometime. Timing depends on what you're doing but you need to allow a minimum of five hours (old Conley TH and back) if you don't lolly gag at all ... longer is better so you can just enjoy it.

Yeah only problem I had this trip was the fat belly winding me. Everything else worked well ... I was dreading the hike out of Zen and it really didn't bother me at all this time. Back got a bit troublesome on the way back out Rock Jock but again loosing the belly will help on that too!

That's my spring goal ... to say bye to the belly fat!