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    I just wanted to post a few pics of my first overnight hang. My setup uses seatbelt webbing for the tree huggers down to a marlin spike hitch with arrow shaft toggles. From there I have an improvised whoopie sling out of boat anchor rope larksheaded onto the DIY hammocks. One hammock is ripstop nylon from Walmart at $1.50 a yard. The other (gray) is a heavier rayon maybe for the same price. The tarp is a 10x10 shelter top that I got with poles from Academy sports for $17.88. The concave nature of the tarp prevents a tight hang, but I think using treking poles I can use the poles that came with it to get a dome going. Not sure how secure that would be but all tie outs have two cords which is nice. We used oversized sleeping bags as pods. It was only in the mid 40s but we were very toasty.
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