Now that I have had a chance to play with my Superfly a little, and my continues ridge line from woopie slings. I have a question.

If I run the continues ridge line under the tarp, does, or will rain seep/run/drip down the line under the tarp? I could see it doing this especially if the mounting point at tree is higher than where the tarp is attached. By the way, I'm using the soft shackle prussic knots attached to the rings on the Superfly.

I'm currently using it above the tarp, it works, but I'm seeing that running it under could provide it with a little more structure, and some hanging points.

By the way, did my first overnight hang last night. Pretty eventful, I had high winds, short downpours, some deer walked through camp, full moon, and sounded like a rabbit bit the dust to a predator. I stayed warm though in my stormcrow quilts, slept relatively well in the BB. Still getting used to it though and I'm sure I will.