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    Under quilt help choosing

    Hi! I left my ground lovin ways behind in 2009 and haven't looked back. I have a Hennessy Expedition with a Zq2q zipper mod, Whoopie slings, dutch clips and a Speer top quilt. I tried to find info on under quilts for this set up using the search. I figured I would just ask for some opinions. I want a down 2/3 under quilt. What do you think would be a good choice for fit. Who do you think actually has an under quilt that is made for a Hennessy. I'm gonna drop a couple hundred on it and want it to be a good match. Thanks everyone!

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    This should work, though I have never tryed it, and it might be too big for your use.

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    The Jacks have a quilt called "The Nest" found here this UQ was made specifically for a Hennessy (ahh I see BlazeAway beat me too it)

    Now mind you that any quilt made by any of the vendors here on HF will fit the Hennessy, I own a Crowsnest (now called Phoenix) by HammockGear and it fits my Hennessy Hyperlite and Scout just fine once it's properly adjusted! The HF Hangs that I have been too I have seen pretty much every quilt (except for a TeWa, only one left I haven't touched) and they all have fit without issue!

    The Nest is the only quilt made that has the velcro bottom opening to match the hammock!

    The debate on which quilt is best has been beat to death many times over on here and the same conclusion has come from each thread is, it's all about personal choice, I liked this quilt cause of this and this, or that and that! Best to determine what your plans are from car camping, to long distance hiking, to Ultralight backpacking, to two day hikes and take a look at all the vendors and see what they are offering and find the one that fits within your personal liking, may it be color, size, weight, design, etc...

    Hope this helps!?!?!?
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