A buddy found a great piece of 20+ acre woodland where the land owner is happy for me and him to hang whenever we want so popped out there today to be shown round. A lovely place with a great mix of tree's, lots of spruce and douglas. Also lots of old English woodland/coppice. Pretty little pond with a small feeder stream nestled in a couple of shallow valleys. After the guy showed us round we where itching to get the tarps up and fire up the Kelly kettle for a nice cuppa.

This is the first time ive had a chance to get the kit setup properly, it still needs a bit of tweeking but thats half the fun!
This looks like a great way of sleeping and im looking forward to a few overnighters in the coming months.

Many thanks to everyone here for the great information!

Heres some pics (awful iphone pics sorry!)

Me all tucked in..

Lee having a brew..

Obligatory foot shot..