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...I am curious about "Triangle Thingies" from AHE.

Would these be an "as good" solution to the problems of gaps or slippage of the footbox?
I have an AHE NR DW UQ (wheew, lot of acronyms!!) and the TTs were needed to snug it up simply because it is a winter and bulky (car camp only). My take from following the Incubator set up reports is they snug up just fine stock. I'd try the Incubator on my hammock before seeking other set ups and even then I'd try some shock cord over the SRL and attached to the foot loops provided first.

Oh and Adam the TTs do help on the NR DW. I am about to take the plunge on a 3 season Incubator though (need a smaller packed size) and am sure the TTs will not be needed. Perhaps on the Winter ones but who knows. Paul makes two different sized TTs One for full length and one for the shorter UQs.