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    NW Pa First Annual Winter Hang 2011 Trip Report

    Well myself FixedByDoc and Screamer arrived at my camp Thur afternoon about 1:00 pm watched some hiking videos from past trips ate a good meal at a all you can eat Chinese Buffet. came back to camp around 6:00 pm and furnace quit working so outside we went to warm up from time to time To bed at 9:30 Doc and screamer were beat 15 hr drive from upper peninsula of MI .

    Day 1
    Meet SkyDog , Herber, Myteather Tammy myself Doc and Screamer at the Benezette Cafe for breakfast at 10:00 am Pulled out a little after 11:00 am for the parking area at the Beaver Run Natural Area. arrived with sun and temps in the lower 60's snow about 8" was left out of 15 and was pretty slushy . Found that my camera was missing and Doc was nice enough to loan me one of 3 he had with him . Got our hammocks strung while waiting for more happy Hammock forum members to arrive . Myteather and Tammy viewed the different hammocks that were available . As I was finishing up my setup Blisterboy arrived followed shortly by Hobbit later that afternoon ChillyHiker and jloden came trekking in . after dark HWS appeared with a Priest he found down the road who helped him find the parking lot, who actually was amazed by the hammocks and hung arround with us for awhile HWS had thoughtful gifts he did not have a hammock and felt to late to pitch camp so he would stay the night at the Benezette Hotel and tomorrow bring us a great hot peach cobbler which we devoured pretty quick. Dinner day 1 was brats with german mustered with soft rolls and potato soup . we sat and ate around the campfire till 9 or 10 pm. When we went to bed temps were still in high 50"s but wind was something else upwards of 60 mph gusts.

    Day 2

    Awoke from my warm hammock to find temps in the 20's and my boots frozen had to fight for 10 minutes to get my feet and inserts in. got down to fire and got it going again as a few others awoken and joined the fire. coffee was started on peoples alcohol and wood burners as I set up my 9 cup stainless still peculator got going, found out the perk on top was not glass it melted but held up had coffee and heard a yell was Joe Cross he had past the site up. Joe arrived at 3 am this morning slept in his vehicle and later that morning joined the group. SkyDog commented that when I select a site next time make sure it's not in the flightpath of commercial jets wasn't sure what was worse the wind noise or the low flying jets that shook the ground lol . Well after breakfast we went 1.5 miles down to a trail bridge post holing as we went , Had shoes but left them in the jeep oh well live and learned. Joe Cross and Screamer decided to do another 7 miles and loop back to campsite .Rest of the group wondered back found Skydog talking to a Virgina gentlemen lol . We hung around the fire drinking hot apple cider and snacking on Venison Jerky we decided we would just base camp were we were after all the digging in we did. Joe and Screamer returned Joe found a site down the road and left to camp solo must have been to scary looking lol HWS arrived a little while later without a priest this time lol. he had made his cobbler at the hotel and almost burnt it down with his plastic tote that now resembles a toilet seat lid had dinner around the fire was entertained by Doc's harmonica and stories . herber packed up as he had prior engagment for sunday morning jloden made some smores for those who wanted them. Bed for most was about 9 pm was still windy and cold low 20's with a wind chill of 12 ° .

    Day 3

    Well most were up just a daylight creped over the horizon , awoke from a warm hammock to a cold morning broke down camp had to use the ax tho break away ice to get guidelines and stakes out sheath came of once and managed to cut one guideline, glad I had more speer no tangle for back up.
    loaded up the pulk and packed out the trash. Said our goodbyes to a great group of people . we left with the others while SkyDog remained sipping his coffee and enjoying the peace and quite. I stopped for coffee with Doc and went to my camp to look for my camera which was found underneath my bed lol. Ended up catching Doc and Screamer at the Brookville TA truckstop for the breakfast buffet had breakfast and headed home with fond memories and a warm heart.

    Thank you for a great Hang guys , Sorry that those who wanted to come for some reason or another couldn't attend we hope to someday meet up once again.
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