OK, so I'm currently planning on making use of gear I've already got. With that said...

I'm ordering an HH explorer and hex tarp tomorrow. Once that's ordered...I'm broke for a while.

I'm ex-Army, and currently have my old issue intermediate bag, sleeping pad, poncho, and poncho liner.

I was thinking of sleeping in the bag inside the hammock, with the pad underneath me inside the hammock, outside of the bag. I was also considering using the poncho liner (folded in half) as an underquilt, and then the poncho as an outer shell. These would be attached via parachute cord and grab clips...thinking I can picture how that would attach.

Any thoughts on how well this would work? I'm primarily 'car camper'/short distance (couple of miles) hiker...so not worried too much about weight and wanting to work with gear I already have/carry.

Would there be a better way to use this gear without altering it (want to use it for original purposes as well)? What kind of temps would this be reasonable to use it in?

Thanks in advance...Owl.