Since I had to make a new set of stakes for the hammock I just built I could show you guys how I make them from standard summer stakes (tree sided aluminum like the ones sold at rei but here in Québec I buy them at Canadian Tire, the brand is coughlans)

first drill a hole in one of sides so you can pass a rope trough it. (use a bigger one to make sure that the edges aren't sharp

pass the rope and wrap around the stakes once, the only reason for it is that it removes the pressure on the edge that could be sharp even if you did the first step like I said.

make a square knot ( http://www.animatedknots.com/reef/in...matedknots.com )

then make a double fisherman's knot to close the end, it could be any other but it's a strong one... ( http://www.animatedknots.com/doublef...matedknots.com )

sorry the last one is kinda big I don't get why... they are all the same size in photoshop (measurment and stuff it's not the zoom factor...)