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    Quote Originally Posted by texashanger View Post

    The pain was mostly because the crease that joins the footbox to the hammock seemed to be very tight in almost any position of the hammock. This created a tight seam so basically my calves were laying on the seam. I guess, in thinking about it, the pain was because my knees were hyper extended to the back and side a bit...

    With respect to my size I'm about 200lbs so I'm a bit nervous about the 1.1...

    Does this help...?
    Yes it does help! Actually, it sounds to me like you are talking mainly about the dreaded gathered end hammock calf pressure, which some of us have more trouble with than others for sure. Me, for one. Although, you could certainly be having trouble with both at the same time. The calf pressure is caused by the tight center crease that I think you are describing. You might as well have a steel rod laying there, cause when the weight of your leg presses your calf into it, it will cause a very annoying, not to be ignored, pressure/pain in the calf.

    Is the pain mostly in your left calf? If so it is a pressure point caused by the crease pressing into your calf.

    Knee pain is more caused by the banana curve of the hammock(still a very slight amount of that even on the diagonal with most gathered end hammocks) causing your knees to be without enough support, allowing them to bend in the wrong direction. Calf pressure gets my attention very quickly, this other tends to be noticed more through the night with the better hammocks, if at all.

    Cure for both( at least for me) is identical, a small pillow/sack under your knees to support them. This also raises your calf enough to negate pressure. You may have to experiment to see what makes the most comfy item to put there. Even a leg pad helps a fair bit. As well as, for many folks, experiments with RL length and/or how tight you hang your hammock.

    Your weight would be supported with ease with a single layer 1.7 or a dbl layer 1.1, but I have no way to know if either of those would solve the problem. I have heard that the 1.1 single does, but you need more than that.

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    I'm 220 and have the 1.1 on Brandon's recommendation. Although I have just been testing with no actual hangs, I did question the material tension just to the side of the footbox and after a couple of adjustments, I was too deep into the footbox so moving more up to the head helped and getting a better diagonal lay also helped. I can see how something under your knees woulds also help with the hyperextension. Just keep playing with your setup and if you still have issues do what I did, post a few pics (inside the hammock and out) as that helps others diagnose your issue. This is such a great place for help.

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    i had the same problem with my HH Explorer and double Eno and after listening to the rave reviews on the WBB's footbox i had to get one and try it.absolutely no difference to me at least from any other gathered end hammock and have decided that the only hammock that i am actually comfy in is the bridge style of hammock.

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