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    Eastern Great Lakes Hang - Spring 2011 - Canoeing into Algonquin

    Coming on the heels of a great, albeit too short, winter hang in southern Ontario, I'd like to get the ball rolling on a spring canoe hang into Algonquin Provincial Park on the weekend of May 13-15, 2011. Algonquin is a world class canoeing destination that I've been paddling for the last 30 years. We'll launch from the Highway 60 corridor and likely paddle for 2-3 hours to our campsite, hopefully picking up a few trout along the way. The exact sites I'll be reserving will depend on the number of Slingers intetrested.

    This should be a repeat of the good times we had on the first hammock hang into Algonquin in the fall of 2010: Trip Report.

    Expect blackflies to be out between mid-May to late June, and mosquitoes between mid to late May to July. We might be lucky and finish our trip just as the bugs get going, but come prepared nonetheless. That also goes for weather that can range from just below freezing to downright hot. While some members will want to bring their own, canoes are readily available for rent in and around the park.

    You can get more information about Algonquin Provincial Park at

    We can get into the details later of trip planning later, but try to get the weekend off. Let's get this hang going!!! It should be a blast!!!

    Ontario Hang - Feb 2011 - Valen's
    Ontario Hang - Fall 2010 - Algonquin Park
    Ontario Hang - Aug 2010 - Bon Echo
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