I'm sure someone has beat me to posting some pictures of a MacCat Micro over a Blackbird, but I've had a lot of folks ask for it......so here are a few. Genuine Draft agreed to model for a few minutes before taking a nap in the Bird.

I decided to sleep out back last night since I was setting up anyway. As you can see, I wasn't worried about any rain or snow. I pitched the tarp high so I could have a nice view and good conversation with my Boys. BTW, I've got a great coyote/cannibal/donkey story from last night, but that will be told in the "Backpacks Suck!" thread over on the donating side. Anyway, I tried to get several angles for you folks. You can see that even pitched 'loosely' and high, it still covers the hammock fairly well. This is a tarp that is going to require its user to use some landscape if caught in a storm, but it will cover the hammock and all the necessary goodies.

I'll see if I can get permission to sleep outside again, apparently the dog was displeased with my absence last night. If I sleep outside tonight, I'll pitch it low and tight in storm mode and get some pictures of that too. You can see The Boys were curious about what we were doing.