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    FF fabrics

    Turk, what would you choose if you were ordering a new one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by turk View Post
    when selecting your fabrics from FF, you want the wren made out of, be sure to make it as breathable as possible. don't want to have condensation issues with a very expensive bag, when you're hanging in the cold. Let us know what fabric combination you go with.
    I wonder about that Event fabric? FF seems to think that stuff breathes far better than any other WPB fabrics.

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    army surplus bag w/fleece liner, step into the bag like a berlap sack zip it up to your wast and sit back into the HH

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    I would let FF staff make the call for you. Tell them the temp range you are looking to use the bag in, what sort of climate, how often you plan to use it etc. They will sell it to you straight and help you make the right choice.
    Good people there.

    I did the same thing for mine. Ended up getting quantum fabric inside and out.
    Its been awesome. I see they no longer list quantum. must be availability problems, or they have moved on to bigger and better things.

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    Went with JRB

    Don't kick me out or stone me but I went with the 4 season JRB set, it was a real difficult choice but my reasoning started with... 'well I'll need the Nest for sure, and the Rock Wren will be nice (I have two Feathered Friend bags already) , but maybe an over quilt with the Nest will be better, and hey, maybe I'll get a summer and winter quilt, and....' So that's how I went astray, but I must say the JRB stuff is nice, very well made and light and Jack was very helpful with all my questions. Anyhow, I'm waiting to give the system a try, heck the dog ( a hundred pound german shepherd, part wolf) tried it out this evening after I unpacked it and laid it out on the bed, luckily he didn't place a paw the wrong way otherwise there would have been an exploded quilt all over the place. So I'm waiting to hang, probably next weekend. Just wanted to say thanks everyone for their input.

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