I've only hung my Hennessy tent out a few times last year, but I can definitely see the appeal of a different suspension system. After watching several videos and reading 70 pages of of the main Whoopie Sling thread, it sounds like an excellent system, but the one thing I read was that the loop can slip off of the toggle when adjusting. So I was wondering: what if, instead of a bead or a knot to keep the sling from being pulled into itself, I just used a descending ring? Then the toggle could be threaded through the ring, or the webbing could be pulled through the ring before adding the toggle. Either way, the ring wouldn't fall off the toggle without intervention on my part, and whoopie sling loop should glide easily through the ring, making adjustments smooth and without the danger (well, okay, inconvenience) of the loop hopping off of the toggle.

Are there any pitfalls to this approach? I expect that the backpacking, gram counting set wouldn't want to add the extra grams of the descending ring, and I can appreciate that, but since I do my toting on a bike, I'm little less careful with weight, and it seems like the weight of a couple of rings might be justified by their convenience. Any thoughts from the pros in the group?