Just received my package of 8 yards of #3 coil zipper, 8 yards of no-see-um, dual sided pulls, stops, and some grosgrain - and I am ready... ready to scratch my head on where to start.

What is the best approach on apply a zipper (any any sewing foots needed)? Seeing that the edges are already hemmed, it would appear that there is going to be a least 3 stitched along this side (one away from the zipper, and one close to the teeth, right)? Do you use grosgrain on the zipper side of the hammock? I have 7/8" grosgrain which I will attempt to fold in half, and sew.

Next, after this amazing feet of installing a zipper... do you recommend any articles of installing the pulls (one or more on the same zipper), and the stops. I have seen a couple designs where they have placed triangle pockets at the end of the zipper. Is this more for cosemetics, or preventing the pull of the zipper to the bottom.

No-see-um - this stuff is amazing. Fabric appears very stretchy and I was wondering if you have any tips on sewing this fabric. Do you use a certain type of seam? With the mesh nature of it, is stitch length a concern?

Thanks guys - I am hoping to finish my Hennesey DIY and WBBB DIY with your assistance.