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    Quote Originally Posted by TZBrown View Post
    Questions BG
    In the PDF diagram, the long taper would be the foot end, correct? Did you have your head at the left end, of diagram, at RR? Did you sleep diag, with head on left of hammock, furthest away from zip, foot right?

    If the assumptions are correct I will mirror the image and have my head near the zip, foot to the right side

    Seam type, Flat felled, french, or simple? It will help figuring size before cutting

    yeah, the long taper is the foot end. i lay asym in my hammock and it's designed for asym but i also layed straight in the hammock and it fit fine. i also try it over a 11' gathered end and didn't see any issues but i think i would have added another 12" of length to make to 130" over all to relax the stress on fabric around the exit holes of the sock.

    i did sleep with my head to the far left on the HH away from the zipper and my feet were closest

    seam - i guess it would be similar to a french. i left a 1/4" of material for all my seams, so for example on the top piece i had it at 34" i actually cut it at 35", folded the edge over a 1/4" an then made a pass. i did the same for the bottom. i then layed that sewn top edge over the bottom piece and sewed those together - 2 passes.

    i usally leave a inch extra of material for all my seams.

    the gross grain i used was 5/8"

    thanks again for the nice comments - i just try to make it functional and to last a few times.
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