Hi folks,

I've been playing with my lowe alpine saracen backpack (120 ltr! ) and am doing some more research on it.

In my search I found the following website with a nice thing on it - the loadlocker - which looks like it could be useful for us hammock guys and girls.

Seems like it's a thing that could serve ala the dutch clip (the same principle), only then with a more secure attachment on it.

The one shown is not suited for the purpose because it's too light, but a heavy duty one could be made.

http://www.rugzak.nl/lowe-alpine-rugzak-componenten.php - load locker -
it might be patented, don't know, but it looks like a nifty thing. Now I haven't used a dutch clip and probably won't use one, but to me this looks like an improved version. Maybe it isn't but then, I don't know the design considerations by Dutch.

what do you all think?