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That thing is not made for the forces put on a Dutch Clip. It'd have to be made of steel or much larger/thicker than what works for a simply pack strap.

Rain Man

yes, that's the idea, I wouldn't use that clip, since it's made for backpack covers, but a thicker version could work

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Probably holds the webbing a bit more securely in place when not under a load than the DCs. But, built-out strong enough for our needs, I bet that design would weigh a bunch.
that's the idea, more security is better right.
Yes, I agree about the weight, as I said, I don't know the design considerations for a dutch clip, but weight probably is a factor.

Otoh, if you look at that clip as a dutch clip with an extra webbing security thing, then if you place the webbing security thing at a right angle (towards the hammock so to speak) it wouldn't have to be very thick as it it won't have the forces on it like it would in the design it is right now..

can an engineer chime in please