I feel a little treasonous but as a loyal Hennessey fan, I am wondering if there is anything to buying a Warbonnet. I notice that those who own them seem to swear by them. I also notice they seem to receive the most posts (post # = owner # = better product?).

So a few questions.

1. Can I use my Hennessey underpad (or for that matter UC and OC) in a DL?

2. I weigh 185 and wonder if the right hammock would be the 1.0 oz DL? I prefer lightweight gear and wonder what the diff between the 1.0 and 1.1 is (especially given the 1.0 is cheaper). Why would I pay more for the heavier version?

3. How much better is the Warbonnet? Are there any "ex-Hennesseyers over here who could make the transition easier?

In short,

5'6", DL (for my HH UP), 1.0 Blackbird, would use my HH Hexfly. Does this make sense?

Oh yeah, what's the diff between the line strap and the adjustable webbing.

Thanks all!

Oh yeah, don't tell my fellow HHers I'm here.