If there is one thing I hate about hammock camping it's the tarp. I can hang a hammock just fine but always struggle with the tarp. I fiddle with that thing until other camp chores require my attention and the tarp stays where it is until morning. A lot of time I hang without the tarp due to nice weather. I'm wondering if the size of my tarp has something to do with it. 14x10 (which is way to long) and 5 tie-outs per side. A big part of me thinks the problems have a lot to do with the cat cut design. I know practice makes perfect (which I have done plenty of) but I need a reason to get a new tarp

I'm primarily using my warbonnet blackbird. Which size/cut of tarp do you prefer? Do you have a design you don't feel works well with this hammock? I'm looking for good coverage with minimal fiddle factor being a must. Thanks for suggestions.