I honestly don't have experience with either. I have a standard in the mail now and a hennessy stock tarp. My hennessy tarp for me doesn't work well. There is such little coverage. But its small for the smaller hennessy hammock. The warbonnet is made for a warbonnet hammock which is bigger. You're using a smaller hammock so I can imagine it being plenty efficient enough.

I wanted a micro really bad. And aside from the hennessy stock tarp I have a superfly. I didn't want to tote around the superfly if it were say spring and its storming and felt the micro may be to small for that. So I opted for the standard. A foot more of coverage on each side for less than 3oz of weight penalty should take me much further than the micro can.

Seeing the micro in person last week though really made me feel it was more than enough for most warmer weather appliclations so I will deffiently eventually get one. Though if I had to have one 3 season tarp I'd go for the standard, or the edge first. Or even bigger.

Worry about enjoying your outting first, even if that means a few extra ounces, later after feeling it out with a bigger tarp you'll know more where you can cut corners and weight. You can sell most gear here if its to big for you for almost the price you paid. So by buying a bigger tarp first, you're really not paying much to test it out.

And go to hangs, that's the best way to see gear you don't have.