Well, bug season has come to Houston yet again, all thing that crawl, slither, fly, or bite have. Awoken from their all too short slumber and are making their presence known.

With several Diy hammocks in various stages of assembly, but none yet ready for bugs, I have broke out the under appreciated, humble, HH Exped and spent the weekend putting her shipshape for yet another season of bug free camping bliss ...

However, the new micro max tarp is in my pack ready to provide a bit less claustrophobic sleeping experience.

Thanks to Rat, that fine campfire professor of all things whoopie, I finally have found the sweet spot for this little gem, by simply pushing those darn tree huggers up the tree as far up the tree as I can, then setting the hammock at chair height.

Frankly, I was amazed.

The tension in the ridge line dropped just the way that Rat said it would and, voila, a fairly flat comfortable lay, without the previous shoulder squeeze and banana bottom problems I was experiencing. I actually fell asleep while testing the lay in the back yard.

So, new Whoopies, soft shackles, black bishop sack, tarp, tarp tensioners, and zing it ridge line later I've put a nice little three lb setup in my pack.

Don't discount the Exped .... It works!