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    Attn Superfly owners and tarp-wizards: seeking advice on guy lines and mods

    After having the SF undeservedly sit in my bedroom for 2-3 weeks, I finally got it out this past weekend, just to attach some guy lines. We didn't use tarps since we had 2 perfectly starry nights with no rain in sight.

    It was just setup, install lines, snake skins, take pictures, and take down. I was going to leave it up for the boys to play with, but they were playing Indians with hand-carved spears and I thought better to stow it away...

    Tree lines:
    I went with some line I got from Brandon, girth hitch to tarp, about 4 yards of line for each end (overkill) and one small Nite Ize figure 9 on each line. Fast setup, light, and, I have a lot of those lying around...

    4 corner lines:
    I went with Bandon's advice and did simple lines with trucker's hitch, no tensioner setup (saves me work)...

    Nothing done here yet, but I have an idea I'd like feedback on: having a set line between the two, length double the distance between them. One side of the line will be girth-hitched to one pullout, run through the other pullout loop, then back and attached to the original loop (with some kind of clip that won't damage the tarp with rough handling) for the stow position.

    When the pullouts are to be used, I'd unhook the clip from the one end, deploy slack and connect to the other pull-out. This should form a nice big wedge, to which I'd attach another line by girth hitch or clip of some sort to the "point" of the wedge, and that line goes to tree, pole, stake, etc.

    How does this sound...?

    These doors are really sweet. I waited a long time to decide on a doored tarp since many of the designs I saw in pictures appeared as though for the doors to be closed, the bottom of the doors has to angle in toward the interior of the tarp, taking away interior space. Not so with these...nice attached, including the snake skins with line pockets I saw here....(thanks guys!)

    For the bungee setup on the doors I see used on videos, I can't get a good enough look at what folks are doing in detail to replicate.

    Seems like Brandon had a cord lock of some kind in the plastic d-ring, but how does it stay there, only secured by tension? Seems he likes to detach the lines for stowing...

    I saw the loop and hook at the business end, but not a good look at how it attaches to the d-ring.

    Any feedback from folks on how they rigged their doors?

    Last, I was thinking of two mods...

    1. I was thinking of sewing on some small noseeum pockets at each corner to stow the lines. Seems like a very simple addy with no structural implications (unless I screw up). Any complications I might be overlooking? Which is better inside, or outside?

    2. I was also contemplating the addition of two toggles to hold each door rolled when not in use. Has anyone else contemplated/done this...complications...?

    Many thanks in advance!
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