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Mini bungees are a really really bad idea on tarp tieouts. They can turn a stake into a projectile weapon right quick.

You'd be much better off using a self tensioning line, using any one of several techniques that have been posted here on HF. Please don't give people advice to use this potentially dangerous technique when there are far better alternatives available.
While I don't disagree with you, I use the self tensioning line that you speak of (HC4U's second one in his thread) and they also turn a stake into a projectile. He even states this in his thread. If I were to use a mini bungie I would cut the hooks off and use the bungee like HC4U's second method in his thread. Might be a little short, though.

Instead of ordering shock cord from an online retailer I just went to Rite Aid and bought a couple of ball bungees (3/16") for really cheap and cut them up.