I'll be hauling some firewood in on our yaks. It won't be enough to have a bonefire, but we should be able to have a campfire every night. Clams have to be purged so please bring some extra water if you have room.

I plan to do all my cooking on my little camp stove and I expect we will have a few alky stoves to play with for anyone who wants to give one a go.

When you arrive, make sure to tell the rangers you are camping at Campsite #3. They will give an overnight parking pass.

Also make sure to have biodegradable toilet paper with you for this trip. The rangers will ask if you have it when you come through the gate and if you don't, you have to buy it for $1 a roll.

I still have an extra yak that I can bring if someone wants to come and give kayak camping a try.