I had originally posted this on another thread, but decided to start a new thread for it with my test results. It is basically a Continuous Single Adjustable Structured Ridge Line Suspension or CSASRLS for short.

I swapped out the whoopie slings on my winter hammock to give it a try.

This is how it works:
1) Tree huggers on both ends with marlin spikes.

2) For the suspension line, I buried a loop onto one end of the 7/64 amsteel line and left the other open.

3) I whipped a piece of amsteel onto each end of the hammock so that it had a tail just over a foot long hanging off to connect the hammock to the suspension line. I finished them off with end burys. (one foot plus the bury)

4) I buried the suspension line into each of the connectors so they pull in opposite directions. So, the first side I buried into the tail by the bury and exited close to the hammock. The second I entered close to the hammock and exited close to the bury.

So, to hang the hammock, you place the loop on one end of the suspension line over the marlin spike.

You hitch the other end to the marlin spike on the other tree, much like a mooring hitch for a boat.

This gives you a full line going across the tree huggers (think of a full line under your tarp). You can just see the bishops bag on the far right.

The hammock will slide along the entire suspension line (again like a tarp). Position the two ends and constrict the connectors on the suspension line. I backed them with prussics to keep tension on the back end.

The portion of the suspension line between the two connectors becomes the hammocks ridge line. I have a mark on the hammock that I use to set the correct distance.

Want to adjust the ridge line, move a connector. Didn't get the foot end higher, slide the hammock that way.

You just slide the bishops bag down the suspension line while stuffing. The utility constrictor slides easily along until the bag is in the starting positions.

So far this is working great.