@ Mud Bone: I've already started thinking of this as "The Alamosa Project". Of course that would seem to limit Alamosa to just this one project, a fate I couldn't endure myself.

@ Griz: I agree. Watch for the braid stretching out where the suspension rope exits the connectors. However, didn't Samson say that wouldn't compromise line strength? I wonder how reliable those prussics will be maintaining the constriction when the pull at the other end is always trying to open it up. Should the bury be longer than usual to compensate?

@ Alamosa: Keep up the good work, and thanks for sharing this with us. Have you used this setup in places where the trees were farther apart? The increased force on the suspension line if you need to tighten it up to keep the hammock off the ground may change things. You could put your tree straps higher on the trees, but there are limits. From your pictures I'm already guessing that you're taller than I am. Also, can you post a close-up photo of the prussic holding the connector taut?