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    What I was wondering. Was if there could be some form of reenforcement placed at the entrance to the constrictor. Which would still allow it to function. But prevent it from eventually ripping.
    Perhaps in the mad scramble for sexy light weightness I and everyone else has forgotten the most important function of gear not that it must weight nothing, look good and be cheap, but that it must keep you alive and increases your survivability.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alamosa View Post
    Meanwhile back at the ranch: OK, everyone, for a more realistic name, how about simply Continuous Constrictor Suspension (CCS) or Single Constrictor Suspension (SCS)?
    When I first read CSASRLS and my brain jumbled up the letters even more, the first 'word' that came to mind was CARLSSS. Continuous Adjustable Ridge Line Single Structured Suspension is also a mouthful. And confusing.

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