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    Hike near Cochrans Falls - GA

    Went with a few friends yesterday & stayed on a friends property just a little SE of Cochrans Falls.

    5 of us took a hike - started at about noon. walked some trails - planned to head to Cochrans falls from the bottom & go up but we ran out of time. was off trail for a while - it got thick and being it was taking more time we had - we decided to turn back before we ran out of daylight. Overall a good hike.

    anyone here hike trail near/to Cochrans falls?

    we got back to my friends property. setup camp, ate & sat around a fire.
    I melted in the chair for about 2 hrs & relaxed

    My setup was WBBB 1.1 DL with 3 season yeti, 3 season burrow TQ & superfly tarp. When I set up - I didn't setup the tarp too close to the ground and only closed one end. Thought about using my poncho for a top cover but I was too tired. hooked up my pack cover for a gear bag which hung along side of the hammock right at my reach and it worked great!

    Temps got to a low of about 39 degrees - no winds
    I had a wonderful creek right next to my bed to sing me to sleep

    I was warm - sandwiched between the burrow & yeti puffy down. Only rolled over once & exposed my back. Used a down jacket for my pillow - shoved a fleece vest in the footbox. wore jeans, sweatshirt & fleece socks to sleep. so I was very happy with how warm I stayed thru the night - knowing I could have fixed up a few things to get some more warmth.

    attached the few pics I took..
    Attached Images Attached Images

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